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Wednesday, October 23 2019

Most of my work consists of working in the background, you might only see the end result but rest assured there are alot of ingredients that go into it

The perfect roast potato

Ever wondered why some potatoes are so much crispier than others and how yours never seem to be quite right? Well, maybe it was just me but I’m confident now that mine can’t be beaten. There’s a simple trick… Add bicarb soda to the boiling water! Really, that’s it. It creates a chemical reaction that makes the potatoes all fluffy and when you put them into the oven, the fluffy bits become extra crispy. The perfect roast potato!


Some people say it’s magical and the result really is but I’m not casting any spells, I’m just reading, learning and putting my knowledge into practice. It works the same way when I’m helping a client with their ICT challenges. Some people call me “the wizard” as it seems like results just happen but in reality, I just do most of my work in the background and the end result is what the MAT (Multi Academy Trust) or school sees.

Clouded in mystery

A huge focus at the moment is on setting up a cloud-based system in MATs and schools that need it. If you’ve read Chris’ “The truth about your data” article, (if you haven’t, you should) you’ll know that the cloud isn’t some scary file eating monster in the sky, it’s just a server or servers, (computer with one main function) that sit on a site away from the main office or school. Still, you might have a few questions about how your files are transferred and whether or not all of your files should be transferred.

Let’s start with the how

The simple answer is either I or one of my colleagues at Concero will migrate your files for you. You’ll leave work on a Friday with your files stored on site and return to find them stored in the cloud! Magic! That’s why they call me the wizard! 😉 The more complicated (and boring) answer is that we take great care to make sure your files are transferred extremely safely and combine our knowledge with tools from Microsoft to ensure that nothing is lost. If one tool isn’t compatible because the operating systems on your servers are too old, for example, we’ll use another tool. If nothing is compatible, we’ll do it manually.

Every file?

The simple answer to this one is no… or at least, rarely. Before we even start a migration, we need to make sure that everything is set up to work well with the cloud. We do that by asking a set of questions and testing your infrastructure. Let’s say you have a class in which videos are used as one of the main methods of teaching or showing examples. The video is stored on the cloud and you hit play to make a big impact as soon as the students have taken their seats. The only problem is, it doesn’t start as it takes 15 minutes to stream. Why? Your broadband isn’t fast enough. (We can help with that too) If we think this will be a problem, we’ll suggest storing big video files on site and only backing them up to the cloud.

Still confused?

That’s understandable, we all get bombarded with so much information and jargon that it becomes almost impossible to keep up. Luckily, that’s my job, when I’m not reading Gordon Ramsay’s new cookbook or breaking down a delicious meal to its core ingredients so that I can reproduce it in my style, I’m reading the latest technical upgrades and breaking down systems to their core so that I can reproduce them to suit your needs. Everything I learn, I pass on to my wonderful colleagues at Concero so that whenever you have any questions, we are ready with the answers.

Let us know what questions you have about the cloud by contacting us today.

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