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Wednesday, October 09 2019

There are so many myths and legeneds about your data in the cloud so lets break it down

Myth? Legend? Does anyone know?

Priya said she knew someone who had been there but no-one ever believed her. It didn’t exist, it couldn’t. Of course, there were rumours. Some said it was fluffy and you could sleep in it forever, others said it changed from white to grey and back again every few hours but as she stood there, frozen, in awe… in fear, Janey knew she had made it to her destination. She knew that this could only be… THE CLOUD!

Actually, yes, we know

When my colleagues in the marketing department asked me to write a little about the cloud, I started thinking about some of the answers I got when I asked my friends and family what the cloud was. Some of them knew exactly how it worked but many had no idea. They thought it was something floating around in the middle of nowhere that had loads of data on it that could easily be stolen. For many, it was mystical and as a huge sci-fi fan, I thought about writing a fictional tale based around the cloud and its biggest enemy… RAIN. Then I realised that I’d probably be the only person who enjoyed that and not even I would think it was useful so I wrote this instead.

Before we talk about what, let’s talk about why

You’ve probably heard “you need to be in the cloud” over and over again in recent years. In businesses, MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) and schools as well as at home, cloud services are at a premium (sometimes they cost a premium too but that doesn’t have to be the case). It seems like if you’re not on the cloud, you’re missing out on something special. OK, but why? Well, let’s think about it from the point of view of a school.

Planning ahead

As a teacher, lesson plans are at the core of what you do and often those plans are made at home, on a computer. This usually works well but on more than a few occasions, something goes wrong. Whether it’s your laptop breaking or a corrupted file not opening, your lesson plan has disappeared and you have to improvise in the teaching environment. Even when it does work, you still have to carry a heavy laptop or an easily losable USB device. With the cloud, you plan your work at home, save it directly to the cloud and open it back up again on another device at work.

Peace of mind

Losing your phone, camera, laptop or any other device can be devastating. If you’ve lost one of them in the past, you’ll know that it’s usually not losing the device itself that upsets you but the fact that all of your photos, videos, music and documents have disappeared, never to be seen again. Of course, many of us learned years ago to back up to a hard drive but if we’re honest, most of us forget to do it regularly. When you save directly to the cloud, you don’t have to remember anything. If you lose your device, it will still be sad but you can have some solace in the fact that your documents will always be available.


As the CEO of a MAT (Multi Academy Trust), Linda mainly works from the head-office in Birmingham but her team are spread across the country. Meetings often require documents to be viewed and sometimes even edited by her colleagues and with the Cloud that’s easy. Farooq could upload a document from Scotland, Jack could view and edit it in Wales and Linda could approve the edits instantly from Birmingham.

Mystery Solved!

So, the mystical cloud really isn’t mystical at all. In fact, it’s not very complicated. A server or servers, (computer with one main function) sit on a site away from the main office or school. When files are saved, they are saved to that server instead of or as well as on the local computer. They are then backed up so that if anything happens to that server, they are safe. Each server is heavily encrypted so losing data is pretty unlikely.

Still want more?

In fact, that is one of the Cloud’s biggest benefits. Storage and resources pretty much never run out and you don’t have to worry about taking up physical space on site. Even if you need to use a powerful desktop for design work or movie editing for example, a budget laptop linked to the power of the cloud will offer the same, if not better specifications.

Concero and the cloud

At Concero, we often recommend using the cloud to our MATs and schools but not always. It depends on each individual’s particular needs. If we do recommend a cloud based service, we will help you decide which option or which options to take after looking at the goals, objectives and resources you have. It’s as simple as that so get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Bright on the horizon

With a whish and a whoosh, Janey saved the Cloud from Rain. Once again, the Cloud was the strong, safe, ever expanding haven it had always been. All HAIL the Cloud!

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