The ‘New Era’ of EdTech – Will Your School Survive or Thrive?

Friday, June 21 2019

April was a big month

It seems a long time ago in this fast-paced world but think back to April 2019. Some incredible things happened; Game Of Thrones returned to our screens gaining some critics that wanted to burn the final season down while others wanted to preserve it forever in the winter cold, a comedian won the Ukrainian presidential elections, and of course the big event; the UK government released the latest Ed-tech strategy for us all to marvel at and implement directly into our schools.

For those of you who missed that release, we imagine it was probably because you were living your lives and if you are a headteacher or on the board of a multi-academy trust (MAT), you were probably focusing on creating the best possible teaching and learning environment in your schools.


Jargon aside, it probably is worth taking notes

Anyone who did read the policy probably switched off pretty early on. Some of the information is extremely relevant and will really help to improve schools by creating teaching environments that embrace and utilise technology in a way that enables students to apply what they learn in the real world. Still, with the constant changes and the reliance on jargonistic terms such as gigabit-capable broadband, secure VPN tunnels and hairy biker control, alt, deletes (hands up if you think that might be real), it becomes almost impossible to understand how to make technology work for you.

Why does this strategy exist?

“Our aim is to support the education sector in England to develop and embed technology in a way that cuts workload, fosters efficiencies, supports inclusion and ultimately drives improvements in educational outcomes” – Department for Education (DfE)

Nobody can argue that driving improvements in educational outcomes is something that everybody associated with education has as a goal and that’s why since the “Harnessing Technology” strategy was brought out by the DfE in 2005 with a very similar aim, nobody has. What many see as the challenge with this latest strategy is understanding why it exists. What difference will it actually make to the lives of teachers and learners?

This is a very reasonable question to ask. As has happened countless times in the past, new strategies emerge and very little changes. What really matters are the innovations and products available at ground-level. One such innovation that we are certain will actually make a difference to the lives of teachers and learners is our latest development, Baseline. Baseline is a centralised hub that allows you to see all of your school’s or MAT’s technical and support information in one place. As a Concero ICT support customer, you will have free access to this portal that gives you unbiased advice on how to make the most of your technology and keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest compliance and guidelines.

Page 1, Section 2: Continued - Baseline in relation to new EdTech Strategy

So, what is Baseline?

If you haven’t used Baseline just yet, this is another very reasonable question to ask. Baseline is a simple and easy to use portal that enables those working within schools and MATs to easily track their compliance with key government guidelines and strategy. This means that by using Baseline, teachers and educational professionals are empowered to make informed decisions quickly.

Will Baseline be useful to me?

The short answer is: yes. From our experience of working closely with a variety of educational leaders over many years, we realised that an already difficult job was being made all the more difficult by the lengths that leaders in education have to go to in order to obtain simple information. Simple questions such as: ‘how long do we have left with our current broadband provider?’ would typically, and unnecessarily, take an age to answer.

Where Baseline comes in

We created Baseline to make life better for everyone working in education, from teachers and educational professionals, through to the students of a school or MAT. Baseline provides educational leaders with quick and accurate answers to simple questions, saving them time personally and their organisations money, which is good news for everyone working at a school or MAT, educational leader or not.

How does Baseline do this?

Baseline provides educational leaders with a centralised hub they can visit to track key educational and technological metrics such as:

  • Compliance Tracking
  • SLA Performance
  • Ticket Reply Rate
  • Asset Management
  • Onsite Support Session Tracking
  • Development Plan Score
  • Contract Management
  • And much, much more.

This is but a taste of what Baseline can do for leaders in education. For more information on Baseline, please visit: or call us on: 0333 111 0004.

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