Structure and process, how we minimise mistakes at Concero

Monday, May 11 2020

Now you know what the CPIQ team does, make sure you get in touch whenever you need to make change or fix a problem.

Codsall Athletic, a shining beacon

Running a football club has a lot to do with creating the perfect structure. It’s about clearly understanding what everybody’s role is within the team and working out how and where to make the most out of their skillsets. A lot of work goes in to choosing the best leaders on and off the pitch, making sure the right people are looking after the finances and keeping motivational levels at their peak. Of course, depending on the size of the club, you might have to take on a few of those roles yourself. My playing days are over but as a player and now as a leader, I can be proud of the way we worked together as a team. Codsall Athletic entered the Beacon League and left with many trophies.

CPIQ team, what does that even mean?

Some of you will know that now I’m not running Codsall Athletic, I spend most of my time managing the CPIQ team at Concero. What most of you will not know is what CPIQ means or what we actually do. In simple terms, we take care of the biggest projects that make a substantial difference to the technological structure of your schools. Actually, that doesn’t sound that simple… We make sure your schools have technology that matches your teaching and learning environment needs. Better. Now, we’ll go into a bit more detail.

C – Change Management

A change might be necessary for a number of reasons. It might be that a school approaches us to ask for help with a particular area, it might be that one of our first-line support engineers (the ones that look after your day to day needs) notice technology that could be running more efficiently or it might be something completely different and unexpected. Whatever the reason, part of our remit is to manage those changes effectively and with as little disruption as possible.

P – Problem Management

No system is perfect and of course, there are always problems and challenges that need to be solved. Often, our first and second-line support teams are able to overcome any technical challenges within the parameters of your current infrastructure but occasionally, something happens that means we need to get our task force working on a whole new way of thinking. The key here is to make sure that any changes made, not only solve said problem, they stop anything similar occurring again.

I – Implementation

Some projects don’t significantly affect a change but they still require a lot of time to implement. Our job is to make this as seamless as possible. Change management and problem management projects also need to be implemented so we use the skills we have in this area to cause the least possible inconvenience.

Q - Quality Assurance

No matter whether we are making a big change, solving a problem, implementing a project or simply looking after the infrastructure you currently have, our focus is always on quality. My team are always checking every aspect of every project to make sure that our standards never drop and your ICT infrastructure is always serving your needs.

Structure and Process

Leading this team is a little like leading a football club. I have made sure that each section has the best possible manager and that every colleague has an input in the structure and processes we put in place. Having these processes makes it much easier to ensure we are serving you to the best of our ability. Trusting that every person in my team understands their role intrinsically means that I can spend my time focussing on you.


With such a well organised team, you might wonder what I do. 😉 Well, you could say, I’m ready to catch any ball that is dropped. I am usually there at the beginning to chat with you and to assess the situation. I then keep an eye on everything from my tower (small space in the Concero office) until everything is completed. From there, I help to make sure that everything is running smoothly and use any hiccups that happen to improve our processes. I’m also there to help with any questions and of course, I motivate my team. (Don’t let them tell you differently!)

Say hello

Now you know what the CPIQ team does, make sure you get in touch whenever you need to make change or fix a problem. We will always be ready to answer your calls. My name is Andy by the way.

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