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Tuesday, March 31 2020

For me… to be honest, for everyone who does this job at Concero, it’s all about priorities. Any jobs that are critical to the functionality of the school will go to the top of the list

That red velvet waffle

Tuesday! One of my favourite days of the week although I can’t say I didn’t enjoy Monday too. I especially enjoyed the evening. Spending time with my friends, chatting about anything and everything and injecting sugar into my body! Don’t worry, no needles, no real injections in fact but those waffles are full of sugar. They’re also full of flavour and until you’ve had THAT red velvet waffle, you cannot compare!

Please join me

Back to today. It’s 7.15am and I’ve just woken up. I’m taking you with me. We’re working for Concero. We’re off to a school and we’re staying there all day to make sure their technology is facilitating the best possible teaching and learning environment. First, let’s eat some breakfast. We’ll leave some morning TV on in the background and think about the day ahead.

Let’s get in early

Officially, work starts at 8.30am but we’ll be there at least 10 minutes early. It gives us time to prepare. We’ll start by checking for any new tickets or tickets that were left outstanding and make a plan. For me… to be honest, for everyone who does this job at Concero, it’s all about priorities. Any jobs that are critical to the functionality of the school will go to the top of the list but this can change once I’ve spoken to my point of contact (usually the IT coordinator). There might be a very good reason that they would like something else to take priority and we are here to accommodate the needs of the school.

No need for higher powers

Looking through the list, I can see that there is one job that is going to take too long. When this happens or if there is a job that is too difficult to do at the school, we ask our great colleagues on the Concero helpdesk to take a look. Most of the time, they remotely connect to the machine “on site” and they get everything sorted whilst we are getting on with the rest of our day. Of course, there are times where they are unable to get the results we’d like so we escalate “to the higher powers” who work their magic. Thankfully, today, we have no need for them. Helpdesk are able to fix this one. It’s 11.15am so it’s time to do the checks.

The personal touch

I love this part of my job. I get to go around and speak to every single teacher, making sure they are OK and that all technology is in good working order for teaching. Of course, things sometimes go wrong with technology but speaking to each teacher gives them a chance to get to know us and gives us a chance to see the hard work we do in action. We will sort any job that we can on the spot and put everything else into our list of priorities to sort ASAP. Today, we were unable to fix Mr Khatri’s problems straight away but as always, we will let him know when the work will be complete. Of course, if this changes, our number 1 priority is keeping Mr Khatri informed. Communication is everything!

Lunch is everything!

Actually, right now, it’s 1pm and lunch is everything! I’m starving and I think that taking a proper break is really important. From 1.30pm to 4pm, we have to make sure we are fully productive again. We’re staying here this afternoon so we can finish any outstanding jobs and make sure that there are no new issues in the classrooms.

Answering questions

It’s 5pm, The Chase is on TV and as usual, I’m answering every question. I’m wrong most of the time but I’m still answering them! I’ll win one day. As I visit temple with Mum and Dad, I start to think about why it’s so important to me to go every Tuesday. It’s only an hour from 7pm until 8pm but it’s a real chance to connect with my religion, with my parents, oh and with some great food!

Connecting with study

From 8.30pm, I start studying for my level 4 apprenticeship but my mind never leaves the idea of connection. I realise how much I love connecting with the teachers and in fact all of the staff at the schools I go to. I also love connecting with my colleagues back in the office and of course, I’m a big fan of connecting to the Matrix! Bzzz. It makes what we do here at Concero special.

Thank you

Thanks for spending the day with me. I’m just going to spend 15 minutes logged in to prepare for tomorrow. See you next time!

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