Magical ISO, behind the scenes at Concero

Wednesday, December 18 2019

As a business, especially one that looks after ICT for MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) and schools, we use technology to create the best teaching and learning environments possible.

The beginning of something mesmerising

It’s 1928, you walk inside and take off your coat, soaked from the torrential rain. If only you’d remembered your umbrella. It doesn’t matter, the moment is almost here. As you take your seat, you can feel what everybody else is feeling. Your fingers start tingling and your eyes open wide. In front of you is what can only be described as magic. This creature they call Mickey Mouse has started his life on the big screen and he’s more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

It’s all in the detail

I’ve always loved animation, so much so that I trained in it and started making short animated films at the tender age of 18. What made it so magnificent for me was the incredible attention to detail. It was especially wonderful with 2d and stock motion animation. Imagine having to create the same picture with just a minor change multiple times for just a few seconds of film. What we get to see as viewers is incredible but none of that would be possible without the creators’ focus on every minute detail.

ICT and business compliance

Most of you will see the word compliance and look for the nearest pillow. What could be more boring? Actually, a lot if you look at it in the same way as animation. As a business, especially one that looks after ICT for MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) and schools, we use technology to create the best teaching and learning environments possible. You get to see the end results, the smooth downloading of videos, the easy communication between staff all over the country and the quick fixes to seemingly dreadful problems. What you don’t see is the detailed work that goes on in the background to make that happen and compliance helps us to ensure we are getting that right.

ISO… zzzzz… No, these aren’t boring either!

OK, so reading into all of the minutia of an ISO can be a bit boring but don’t worry, you don’t have to. It’s our job. What is good for you to understand is why ISOs matter. Again, it’s all about the detail. We’re accredited with ISO 9001 and 27001. In simple terms, that means we have to provide high quality products, services and business practices and we must take care of your data fairly and securely. To meet ISO standards, we need to check every detail and make sure we’re following every guideline.

It all makes for better teaching and learning

Students are rightly encouraged to show their working out in class as even if they’ve managed to get the correct result this time, their processes might mean that they won’t be able to get it right every time. That’s why we show all of our working out to the ISO standards bodies. Their certifications mean that we’re not missing any steps so instead of relying solely on our substantial knowledge, we are putting our trust in an authority that is recognised across the world. The end result, a better teaching and learning environment in your MAT or school and a piece of mind that your technology is operating at the highest standards.

In front of your eyes and behind the scenes

So, the next time you watch an animation, you could think about all of the incredible work that goes into creating such an awesome spectacle or you could do what the animators intended. Sit back, relax and let the magical movements fill your eyes with wonder. The next time your looking for help with your ICT, ask Concero how we make technology work for you or sit back, relax and use our technology solutions to get better results with less effort.

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