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Tuesday, March 17 2020

Communication is key.

Give me a call

Go on, really, I want to hear from you. I might be a bit strange but I really do like to receive calls and to listen, even when something is wrong. Why? Well, it gives me the chance to do what I do best! Problem solve and communicate. I don’t do it alone though. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to if I tried. Everything we do on our support desk requires working as a team and that’s something I learned to get used to a long time ago.

It definitely wasn’t 9 – 5

My mother, what a lady! Maybe not just for all of the reasons you might expect. One of the things I admire about her the most is her hard work and dedication. If it wasn’t enough that she had to put up with the cheek (we weren’t that bad really) of me and my sister, she also managed many restaurants. That can be a gruelling experience. I know, when I was old enough, I started working with her. It taught me a lot.

Keep on smiling

Top of that list was to keep on smiling. I needed to have positive energy, no matter what was going on. An order that went wrong, a card machine that wasn’t working or queue to get through the door could feel like the end of the world some nights, especially if you were tired but that wasn’t our customers’ fault. We were there to serve them, to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible and that if something did go wrong, we fixed it. This involved good communication skills, strategic thinking and working together as a team. If we could get those right and keep positive, we could keep on smiling and more importantly, our customers would leave with a smile on their faces too!

The whole world smiles with you

At Concero, we want every client to smile too. Our focus is of course on making sure we understand and implement technological solutions in the best possible manner but this only works because of how we do it. Communication is key. We are a team of hard working, alert, focussed individuals. We all have our own ideas and we all have our ways of improving things but it is only when we share our ideas and when we share our knowledge that we can truly achieve the shared goals that inspire us.

Good Vibrations

I once thought I might be actually feeling the positive vibes that were pulsating through our support desk but I quickly realised it was just my phone going off. Having said that, we really do create a friendly, open atmosphere. This means that although, I’m sure I’ll get taken to the cleaners for my ridiculous joke, I also know that if I need anything from my team, I can rely on them. They are there for me, I am there for them and we are all there for our clients.

Nice to meet you

That’s why I want you to give me a call if you need me. I will do everything in my power to answer your questions and solve your problems when it comes to ICT but I won’t be doing it alone. Everyone who needs to be in the loop will be in the loop and we’ll keep you updated at every stage. Concero use technology to facilitate the best teaching and learning environment for you, our schools and MATs. I make sure that goes as smoothly as possible. My name’s Jackson and my goal is to put a smile on your face. 😊

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