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Wednesday, November 06 2019

Before we go any further, it’s important to know that we are here for you and your needs. For any questions, any feature that is out of place.


Before we go any further, it’s important to know that we are here for you and your needs. For any questions, any feature that is out of place, in fact, for anything at all, you can come to me directly and remember, every member of our team is here for you. So, be in no doubt: you will be supported.

Let’s show you around

As we explore, please think of this as your home away from home. You’ll notice that our team like to say hello. They’re a friendly bunch and they are all working towards a common goal. We like to think of each member of staff like a part of the extended family. Actually, you’ll be sure to bump into my two sons at some point.

The Restaurant

Now, unlike most restaurants, we don’t have a specials board. Everything here is special and it is tailored to you. Before you order, we’ll ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind. We’ll find out all about your loves, your hates and your requirements for a healthier, tastier experience. We’ll then pass that information on to our kitchen staff who will create a unique dish using only the best ingredients.

Behind the scenes

Of course, we have people who supply those ingredients but we don’t just rely on one supplier. In fact, we keep an open mind to all suppliers as although we have some incredible partners, we know that what’s right for one guest might be completely wrong for another. We use that philosophy in all sections of the hotel. A lot of work is going on in the background to make sure you’re never missing out on the best.

Your suite

Set up just for you, we’ve covered every aspect that you’ve asked for. We understand that you need to work while you are here but we still think it’s important to be comfortable. Your bed is designed to take the pressure off and your bathroom is set up to give you room to breathe. Your broadband connection is ready and waiting with the perfect speed for the challenges at hand. Of course, you needn’t worry about storage, just save files to “this” folder and we’ll make sure they’re stored securely offsite. Only people you trust will have access.

Meeting Rooms

Sometimes, you’ll need to share those documents in real time. Take advantage of your private meeting rooms and welcome your colleagues to discuss the latest and greatest innovations. Even those colleagues who can’t be here physically can get involved. It’s always possible to connect to the outside world, to send files, to receive files and to chat to your heart’s content.

Getting around

There’s a lot to see, lots of places to explore and lots of people that you could meet in the area. A list of evergreen recommendations is at your fingertips whilst you are in the care of our great team here at Concero and we’ll be happy to research something for you if we haven’t already explored it ourselves. Now, transport is easy as your personal driver is on hand to take you anywhere you’d like to go. If you’d rather make your own way, we completely understand and we’ll be ready to help when you need us.

Enjoy your stay

The longer you are here, the more likely it is that you’ll see a few familiar faces. We are extremely happy to say that many of our guests are regulars, in fact, quite a few have never left. Some have explored other hotels in the area but we are in a privileged position because they almost always return.

I’m Sean

Don’t forget, my name is Sean and my job is to take care of you. I can’t perform every task in the hotel but I hope that you feel comfortable asking me anything. I keep up to date with what’s going on and I know the right people to ask should you ever need support. I’ll pop my head in every now and then just to make sure everything is as you like it.

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