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Concero is a well-established, fast-growing, company that specialises in providing IT support and services to schools across the West Midlands.

Some say we work magic, we don’t, we simply believe that you should be at the cornerstone of everything we do, continually delivering an efficient and caring service, ensuring that we satisfy your school’s needs.


Founded by directors Brad and James in 2008, originally having met at Smestow School where they worked as IT technicians, forming a firm friendship that lasts to this day.

After providing IT support in schools for almost a decade, they decided to create their own technology company that specialises in education – one that understands how to respond to the specific needs of each school, sharing the same moral imperative that underpins their work, along with the accountability for the outcomes which the children achieve.

Today Concero work with over 100 Local authority, Free and Multi-Academy schools, across all phases, delivering technical support, curriculum support, CPD, e-safety, safeguarding, strategic advice and guidance, consultation, broadband and VOIP telephone systems.

With such a wealth of experience, Concero is best-placed to support your school in adopting best practice and using technology to drive teaching and learning.

Concero Services

Because we are driven by a desire to add real value, it makes us different to many providers, offering impartial, honest, transparent and practical advice built on years of experience working with schools.

We always endeavour to provide the best solution for each school that not only fulfils their current needs, but also allows for future expansion.