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Make your data safer and your school more productive by “moving to The Cloud”

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Get involved with Clevertouch Impact PlusTM

Your students will be instantly engaged with Clevertouch’s latest integrated classroom solution

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Shape the Future with Microsoft

Concero and Microsoft’s partnership offers you the best pricing on Windows 10 Education devices

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Let’s spark the imagination of future generations

Let’s create classrooms where opportunity is the expectation. Let’s empower inquisitive minds, let’s feed anticipation. Let’s focus on solutions, let’s focus on creating. Let’s spark the imagination of future generations.

Moving to The Cloud

It seems like these curious little minds know a lot more about The Cloud than a lot of adults. If you need help taking the mystery away or if you want to know how you can access DfE funding, get in touch.

It’s not just the Clevertouch Impact PlusTM that’s interactive

It’s called an interactive touchscreen but the truth is, it’s teachers and students that increase their engagement with the Clevertouch Impact and the Clevertouch Impact PlusTM.

It’s not just the Clevertouch Impact Plus<sup>TM</sup> that’s interactive

What's so clever about it?

Get it once

Get it once

There are no subscription charges, so you buy, you teach, you learn, you win.

High Precision

High Precision

As smooth as a whiteboard but you get to keep the great work you create.

Never run out of space

Never run out of space

An infinite canvas gives you the freedom to investigate all of your best ideas.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Give it a try! We’ll give you a display to test out for free. You’ll get a whole week of interaction and the company of a Clevertouch trainer to show you how it all works.

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A classroom is not a physical location

It’s the sharing of knowledge and understanding. Find out how Concero have partnered with the DfE, Microsoft and Google to keep your classrooms open with remote learning. Your school could be eligible for a grant of up to £2,000.

A classroom is not a physical location

Why Concero?

We believe that every teacher and every student deserve a creative environment without boundaries in order to spark the imagination of future generations.

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