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Conceros’ latest Ed-Tech Newspaper is now available to view online via our Concero website. Featured in this issue: 

- The ‘new era’ of Ed-tech 

- Will your school survive or thrive? 

- Get EPICT accredited with Alan Foster 

- It's time we went back to Square One 

- Is your MIS Software holding you back? 

- The potential dangers of social media 

- 5 common mistakes schools make when choosing an IT provider 

- Why is broadband in schools so important? 

- Baseline in relation to the new Ed-Tech strategy 

- HP for Education offer 

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We have some exciting news - Square One has been redesigned to make accessing resources and tools quicker and easier for your lessons.

Go take a look at - Square One

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Manage, Monitor and Report your contracts with Baseline

No one likes surprise bills or finding out a contract has auto-renewed without your awareness. Baseline alerts you when your contracts and licences are up for renewal so you can always plan ahead. 

To find out more about Baseline’s Contract Management module head to:

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Concero’s Employee of the Month for March 2019

In the month of March Tim championed our bid to remain ISO accredited, and it’s safe to say he absolutely smashed it out the park! Our ISO accreditation adds immense value to Concero as it signifies to our Customers, both current and prospective, as well as our competitors, that our internal processes and procedures are up to an internationally-certified standard. This is incredibly important considering the nature of the industry within which we operate, the kind of data we process, and the information we have access to every single day.

Tim was/is instrumental in ensuring that our processes were (and remain) up to the required standard, and that we also had the necessary evidence to prove that our procedures are excellent along every dimension and intersection. Tim is the reason that not only can we talk the ISO-talk, but that we can also walk the ISO-walk.

Because a lot of the work Tim had to complete is very much behind the scenes and under the radar, it’s challenging to appreciate just how much work, effort, and tears go into retaining our ISO accreditation and refining our processes to ensure we remain at the top of our game. But let me tell you (and bear in mind I have probably only had exposure to about 5% of what Tim had/has to do), the workload is absolutely enormous! Luckily for us, Tim takes this in his stride and just cracks on with the task in hand. It is for this reason that Concero consistently meets the requirements as set out by ISO, and for this Tim we thank you!

Andy (Tim’s Line Manager) described in the CLT Meeting how Tim went above and beyond to ensure that all the work was completed, detailing how Tim consistently took it upon himself to see the project through from start to finish.

Tim, congratulations on your fantastic achievement, and thank you for keeping Concero ISO accredited!

Ladies & gents, please join me in congratulating Tim for being Concero’s Employee of the Month for March 2019.

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Educational leaders need a comprehensive overview of each schools IT assets and inventory along with maintenance schedules.

Regardless of your technical skills or ability Baseline gives users the power to review and track school and MATs development. Leaders can then focus on saving time, reducing costs and enhance the teaching and learning process for students.

To find out more about Baseline’s Asset Management module head to

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